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“I enjoy the convenience of the hours and how everyone on the staff is so positive and motivating.  What has helped me the most is the personal training program they offer.  I have lost 20 pounds and gone down 2 sizes, which helped me reach my goal of looking better in my clothes.”

Jason F.
"I am truly excited and happy about my results - especially the lost pounds. Thank you so much to the Peak for your non-stop support for me to reach my goal. Thank you!"

Emily W.
"Actually I joined Peak about 2 months ago and my total loss is 63# now! And if I can drop one more size, I wili be back to what I was when my husband and I got married over 11 years ago! I have never felt better!"

Mandy R.
"I started personal training at the Peak Fitness. Before I personally trained, I thought I could not work out correctly without having pain. I had pain before I started personal training and now I am high on life. Personal training has been the best thing I have done for myself and after just six sessions my blood pressure went down. All the trainers at the Peak are awesome and they are having a sale on personal training this month. And oh yea, my pain I had is gone because I am building strength. Try personal training today. You deserve it."

Mary R.
"I am an NPC bikini competitor and Model, and I was training for the Ohio Valley Fitness America Competition so I needed to find a place to train for a short time when I was living in Delphos. I am originally from a small town so I didn't have to adjust to the small town feel and people. The first day I came to check out the gym, I knew this was going to be a great place for me to train. It has everything I needed for my training, and everyone who worked there were so helpful and kind. I came from working out at a big two story 24 hour gym in California, back to a small town gym and I wouldn't of had it any other way. I loved going there to train every day and I met a lot of great people during the time I was a member. I trained there for about 5 months, & I was very sad about leaving the gym. I knew this would only be temporary, but I had no idea I would have such a great connection to the people at the Peak. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to meet such an awesome group of individuals, and I know when I come back through the town of Delphos, I will be sure to stop by again to say hello 🙂:) Thanks for making my time there at the Peak such a great experience!

Sincerely, Rachel L."

Rachel L.
"The Peak is just a great place to to work out in Delphos, and just cant say enough about how well the Staff interacts with their members. I see it as One big Happy Family. Love Ya All."

Jim M.
"My fave part of the Peak is being able to walk into the gym, no matter what time of day and feel welcomed and not judged!! I know I made the right decision to switch gyms, I actually get more out of my workouts now!!"

Mystee B.
"I had a great workout today after a great day of helping people learn about the 90 day Challenge!!"

Timothy S.
"Wow, my legs, abs, and arms are sore from spin with Shawnda and kick boxing with Trisha! Both are great workouts!Thanks ladies! I love it!!"

Babette S.
"Thanks for the tips Jeff Schwieterman and Peak Community Wellness! Always great when you can get helpful advice and guidance towards reaching specific goals!

This is why Peak Community Wellness has so much success in helping their clients reach their health/wellness goals! They set their clients up for success by creating a plan for a healthy lifestyle, a plan that promotes long term success! Stop in and See Jeff Schwieterman and the rest of the Awesome staff to start your journey towards a healthier you!!!"

Josh W.